Rainbow Kayak

Canoe & Kayak for passion

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Rainbow Kayaks is on international market since many years now and surely is the first kayak producer in Italy. A 20 years experience in the polyethylene kayaks production with high technology and performance features makes Rainbow Kayaks a real leader in Europe as well. Rainbow range includes a complete set of sea kayaks, canoes, sit on top, tourism, river and surf kayaks and many other products. Our kayaks are produced with the rotational molding technology. Rotational molding is a thermoplastic material processing that allows to produce hollow items of any size and shape.

Besides the molding of materials like PE of different densities, cross-linked PE and PP we have also developed other technologies like the “3 layer process” (aka Sandwich) that allows to produce a triple structure (PE, blowing agent, PE) that guarantees an important weight reduction and a relevant stiffness increase; or the “polyurethane foaming process” through the use of a new generation equipment.

In additional all of our production implant are equipped with air boosters for the molding of more complex products. We also trial all our products with the main laboratory tests such as tensile strength, crash resistance, stress cracking etc...